Electricity Procurement

Our in-depth understanding of the electric energy and natural gas industries and energy use impact parameters ensures that we obtain the best possible price for your retail and/or procurement transactions. We utilize a proven four step approach to strategically evaluate your requirements and implement a competitive procurement process:

  • Acting as an exclusive agent, we provide Energy Procurement services, including the purchase of electric energy via either physical or financial contracts that may result from a formal or informal Request for Proposal process and/or the provision of retailing services
  • Our services include: portfolio evaluations; risk assessment; requests for pricing and contract negotiation
  • Our long-standing relationships with retailers and marketers enables a smooth transition to a new supplier with minimal operational impact.  We take the time to familiarize our clients with the process to ensure they make the best business decisions as part of their electricity procurement strategy
  • We are not affiliated with any retailer, marketer, utility, or electric generator; we provide unbiased, third party advice, and have successfully helped over 50 companies select a competitive retailer and/or electricity supplier

We have assisted industrial, commercial and pubic institutions with electric energy procurement assignments (see Alberta Ski Hills).

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