Oil Sands Developers Co-Generation Survey

 Every year we administer a survey seeking information on every oil sands development project, including existing and forecast electricity demand and supply, on behalf of the Oil Sands Developers Group (OSDG), a non-profit, industry-funded association, located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The objectives of the co-generation survey are:

 ·        Determine the key factors influencing oil sands developer’s decisions to build co-generation.

·        Provide policymakers with an overview of issues that may be promoting or hindering the developmentof oil sands related co-generation.

·        Provide a quantitative overview of the current and historical on-site electricity demand, oil sands co‐generation capacity, potential exports to the provincial grid, and stand‐by requirements (for those projects with on‐site supply).

·        Provide an estimate of the forecast bitumen electricity intensity.

The survey reports are distributed to provincial and federal policy makers and is used by the AESO to assist with their forecast and planning mandates.

2013 Report

2012 Report

2011 Report

2010 Report





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